Sell more efficiently with integrated CRM and eCommerce

Prospect 365 is "The" Accounts-integrated CRM & eCommerce Solution for businesses running Access Dimensions, Exchequer, Greentree, Pegasus Opera, Sage or SAP

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Prospect 365 is much more than just a cloud CRM or eCommerce solution. It pulls together all your customer information in a single, consolidated view through unparalleled integration with your back office Accounting solution, giving you real business control from marketing right through to sales, customer service and business intelligence. Prospect 365 is the most integrated success platform for businesses with these Accounting solutions

Integrated Cloud CRM

Unparalleled integration to your back office Accounting & ERP Solution is what makes Prospect 365 CRM different to other CRM systems - helping you to achieve greater staff efficiency, customer satisfaction and business control

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"We have so much more time to focus on other important tasks now that we have the solution in place."

Sam Hart, Morco Products

Integration & Efficiency

Whatever your route to market - online, over the phone or face to face - success boils down to having an integrated view of your customer. This requires a centralised and reliable repository for all customer information - including marketing, sales, service and accounts data

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"The solution has helped us manage our customer and business information. It's helped us refine our processes and increased our overall efficiency."

Paul Carpenter, Airflow Developments Group

Integrated eCommerce & B2B Portals

Whether you need a web shop, private B2B portal, or just somewhere for your customers to self-serve quotations, invoices and statements - Prospect 365 Content Management System delivers business efficiency as well as an integrated customer experience

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"The excellent functionality available on the website has helped us win new customers and has improved the quality of service for current customers."

Russell Merry, Cycling Sports Group

Integrated eMarketing

By integrating your Accounts, CRM and Website data, Prospect 365 makes it easy to target the right people, track the activity, take the right actions and get the best results

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"Every business owner knows what their problems are, ProspectSoft simply help with them."

Craig Lewis, Clinipak Ltd

Flexible and Scalable

Prospect 365 can grow with your business - allowing you to add customisation and automation, increase users and sites, or even change Accounting systems as your business and marketplace develops

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"ProspectSoft's solutions can be adapted as much or as little as you like to meet your business requirements. The team really understand and care about you and your company, and you become familiar with the employees there almost immediately because of this."

Lucy Brownrigg, Forestadent Ltd